Shoken Firearms Instructor, Mark Roscoe, receives National Rifle Association Instructor Certification in Basics of Pistol Shooting and Home Firearms Safety. These certifications will be used to further our firearms training courses including our Concealed Carry Course, Home Firearms Safety Course and our other Firearms Training Courses.

Dedicated to bringing you the best in self-defense and firearms training, Shoken Self-Defense focuses on gathering training and information from multiple sources to help you better prepare for a violent attack or other criminal intent that will leave you or someone you love devastated.

These firearm certification courses provide professional perspective and keep Shoken Self-Defense instructors at the cutting edge of the self protection industry.

You can train with confidence knowing that we take our own training seriously, keeping it up to date. We don’t rely on our own experience alone, as we are better when we incorporate the experience of others, while incorporating the latest in self protection training.

Until next time…..Be Safe. Be Smart and Be Prepared!

Mark Roscoe
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
COBRA Certified Self-Defense Instructor
Master Black Belt