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Our Self Defense Seminars are available throughout Virginia. Whether you’re a corporate or small business, a community, nonprofit, or some other type of organization, we’ll tailor one of our core self-defense seminars so it’s appropriate for your setting.

We Offer Self Defense Training for Groups Throughout Central Virginia

Shoken Stay Safe Seminar

More and more people are concerned with workplace, public and personal violence. Thankfully employers and other civic groups are stepping forward and seeking professional training to bring more security to those they care about. The Shoken Stay Safe Seminar is our core self-defense course and provides information you need to create a personal self defense plan. We’ll explore the psychology of criminals, equip you with prevention and avoidance techniques and assist you in discovering how to stay safe at work, school and play. Complete the Contact Information Form on this page to get additional information on the Shoken Stay Safe Seminar.

Shoken Victim Proof Seminar

Try as we may to avoid and discourage being a victim, sometimes we just can’t prevent it. For these times there’s the knowledge, techniques and skills you’ll need to survive in the Shoken Victim Proof Seminar. This is the hands on aspect of securing your safety. Your group will learn what it takes to escape if faced with an unavoidable, physical confrontation. Complete the Contact Information Form on this page to get additional information on the Shoken Victim Proof Seminar.

Shoken Self-Defense

Founder and Senior Instructor, Mark Roscoe, is a life-long martial artist and has been involved in Personal and Corporate Security since 1999. Mr. Roscoe has been awarded several degrees of black belt in Okinawan Karate, holds a world champion title in Black Belt Kumite, received multiple certifications through C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense, is an NRA Certified Personal Safety Instructor, and continues to train in the disciplines of street savvy self-defense to bring you the best information and training available to keep you and your family safe..

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