The Shoken Online Self Defense Course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to avoid becoming a victim through advanced prevention and awareness, while also providing you with physical techniques in case you can’t avoid a physical confrontation.

We’ll cover many topics that people ignore or over complicate including understanding criminal predators, mental preparation, personal and home security, travel and automobile security, workplace safety, and other personal protection considerations.

You’ll also be introduced to the physical aspect of self-defense such as proper striking, critical striking points, defensive stances, blocking, redirecting attacks, and several situational techniques that can be applied to 99% of self-defense situations.

This doesn’t mean you need to be in a constant state of fear or anxiety, but rather this course is designed to educate you and create awareness and understanding about personal security.

We’ll start with the basics, building a personal security plan along the way. so that living defensively will be second nature.

While we believe that every person should be prepared to physically defend themselves, with proper planning included in this course, you will lower your chances considerable of even becoming a victim.

Course Instructor

Mark Roscoe Mark Roscoe Author

Shoken Online Self Defense Course