Shoken Self-Defense was Created to Help Everyone to be Safer!

Shoken Self Defense Academy was created by Self-Defense Instructor Mark Roscoe to help everyone live a safer, healthier life. After 25 plus years teaching martial arts, Mr. Roscoe realized that many people will never be able to commit the necessary time to be efficient at martial arts, no matter what style they choose. And so, in response to the growing criminal activity throughout the world, Mr. Roscoe created Shoken Self Defense Academy to provide a holistic approach to self protection in the home, in the workplace, in the streets, and on school and college campuses.

Mark Roscoe has been a martial arts instructor for 25 plus years, an avid firearms enthusiast for 35 plus years, a personal and corporate security officer through VDCJS since 1998, and a life long learner who understands there’s more to personal security than any one type of self defense approach. That’s why Mr. Roscoe, now a certified self defense teacher, certified firearms instructor, and personal security expert has created a multiple step approach to personal security so that everyone will have an opportunity to choose the best ‘tools’ for their self defense arsenal.

Focusing on the broader need for personal security, Mr. Roscoe has created a learning environment where anyone, from any walk of life, can learn to be safer. This is accomplished by focusing on sharpening the mind, increasing situational awareness, understanding criminal intent and psychology, and developing easy to deploy skills and techniques that will increase your personal security in any given situation.

Our goal is to provide you with the best self-defense information, tools and training, so that you’ll develop a highly informative and deep understanding of real, practical self-defense, and personal safety awareness and understanding.

Mr. Roscoe with his Karate Instructor - Kanmei Uechi - Circa 1996

Self Defense Instructor Certification - Mr. Roscoe

Black Belt Certification - Mr. Roscoe

Senior Instructor: Mark Roscoe

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